DCM Institute’s Village Management PD + Peer Network – the ultimate Village Manager Tool Kit!

Imagine access to ongoing professional support developed and delivered by industry experts: –

  • A quarterly professional development day
  • Regular Peer to Peer support network meetings
  • Monthly hot seat interviews with some of the most experienced operators in the nation
  • An online portal containing proven tools and resources to assist in achieving excellence
  • Monthly Hints and tips videos on topics critical to Village Management
  • The opportunity for regular Q&A webinars with expert facilitators
  • Access to an online peer to peer support network
  • An Industry service providers list recommended by those in the industry

All of this will enable Village Managers to be a part of a network striving for excellence, to be more confident in their role and maintain their passion for their chosen career!


New Zealand retirement village operators are internationally-recognised as being world leaders in this sector. Delegates on this inaugural DCM Institute 2020 study program will visit a mix of NZ’s retirement villages and colocated care facilities in Auckland and Tauranga. Download the brochure HERE

More than a training program where Village Managers are then left to their own devices to implement their learnings this program provides that ongoing support, the place to check if unsure and peace of mind that Village Managers have not had access to in the past. Never before have Village Managers had access to such a comprehensive array of tools, resources, and professional support at their fingertips, no matter their location, experience or size of their village.